In ExAM Version 1.79 the product team has introduced the ability to configure the mobile app to support additional templates. While this seems like a minor functionality change this can open up many new possibilities. Previously the mobile app only supported the primary mobile assessment template effectively allowing you to only utilize one template at a time in the mobile app. When the previous functionality is spelled out like that you can see how the support of additional templates is a much needed and welcomed enhancement to the mobile capabilities of the product. The introduction of this functionality effectively allows you to execute a multitude of different assessment templates from the same mobile environment giving you greater versatility and improved functionality.

Configuring Additional Template Selection

Configuring the mobile app to support multiple assessment templates is simple. First, you will navigate to the ExAM Configuration tab where you will click on the Mobile Configuration sub-tab. Next, you will click Edit Configuration and check the Turn on Assessment Template Selection as well as add any assessment templates you want to be supported on mobile to the Additional Templates field.

Additionally, if you’d like to control who has access to creating assignment managers with what template, you can click the Configure button next to Additional Templates Filter.  You will get a pop up like:

Here you can are able to select the assessment template to configure and select which Profile, Role, or Permission Set will grant access to this Assessment Template (or not, by using the “does not equal” operator). The filter uses AND logic, so any of the filter criteria you select will control assessment template access on its own. Once you have configured the additional templates to your liking you are now able to select any configured assessment template when creating an assignment manager on the ExAM mobile app!