Asset & Inventory Management

Field Services, Inspections & Facilities Management are all big ExAM use cases and often involve our customers managing the materials needed to service downstream customers. Our Asset & Inventory extension package for ExAM makes it easy to keep track of the materials you need to support the work order management and field services use cases you have in the field today. Our simple but powerful approach to managing inventory lets you start simple, but can be scaled in order to provide comprehensive coverage of inventory transactions and locations.

Actionable Insights

  • What – Know what you have in your inventory.
  • When – Asset transactions keep you in the loop when things happen.
  • Where – We make sure you know where your things are so that you can use them to support the mission.
  • Why – Understand assets in the context of your other Salesforce objects like Work Orders, Assignments and Accounts
  • How many? – We make sure you know how many things you have so that you never run out. 
  • How much? – We make sure you know how much the things you manage cost so that you can plan effectively. 

Powerful Capabiltieis

  • Reports & Dashboards – understand your assets by cost, quantity, type and location all from highly configurable reports and dashboards.
  • Shopping Lists – Easily build lists of what you need to support work orders and services, get them approved and process transactions.
  • Simple and Powerful – Powerful and comprehensive capabilities pulled into a simple to use interface.
  • EZ Loads – Pre-built loading spreadsheets help you perform bulk loads easily and get started fast.
  • Scalable & Secure – powered by Salesforce and available on the AppExchange


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We know what the problem. You need real actionable insight into the things that help you meet the mission. From PPE levels to HVAC get the information you need, when you need it and where you need it, so that you can make better decisions.

  • Too many spreadsheets -You need a system that lives in one place, not on multiple spreadsheets in multiple emails.
  • Too Hard – You need a system that is easy to use so you don’t have to be an asset expert.
  • Too Long – You need a system that will be available in days and weeks not months and years..
  • Too Expensive – There won’t be any money left after you buy your system to buy your assets
  • Trapped on a Desk – Your need a solution in the field, not on your desktop.
  • Too much technology – You need a system that you put information into and get information out of not an IT system to maintain.



The solution is easy to use, easy to get live and easy to get your data into. Best of all it works where ever you work. No more digging through emails or wishing you have your laptop.

  • One Version of the Truth – One system, one version of the truth, one way to make decisions.
  • Easy To Use – Our user experience keeps the complexity in the configuration giving your end users a clean and simple user interface.
  • Go Live Fast – Our proven cloud configuration process will have you up in running in 2-6 weeks depending on your needs for an MVP.
  • Pay For What You Use – Enjoy easy to understand pricing and licensing on a per user basis so you only pay for what you use.
  • Go Mobile – On iOS and Android so that you can work in the field, your asset information will always be at the tips of your fingers.
  • Cloud Based, Worry Free – Powered by Salesforce so its scalable, secure and best of all you aren’t managing a bunch of servers and hardware.

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