One of the things that COVID-19 has done is make me expand how I think about Hospital Associated Infections (HAI). We’ve been delivering solutions in this space for awhile now across a wide array of use cases and suddenly all of the thinking and effort that has gone into building a robust solution to combat infectious disease has become a necessity Main Street. COVID-19’s high transmission rates have closed America down and to stay open Main Street is going to have to adopt some version of the approaches used in Hospitals today in order to prevent the transmission of the virus. 

This means having the same types of hard conversations with Main Street businesses around cost benefit analysis that we often have with hospital executives and staff. I’ve found that making the financial case is sometimes the strongest. As depicted in the infographic attached to this post, it is estimated that HAI’s cost hospitals somewhere between $29B-$45B dollars every year. This is an astounding number when you consider that somewhere around 70% of those are considered preventable. Of course, those numbers pale in comparison to the economic devastation wrought by our current pandemic where we are expected to lose as much $1.5T (yes, that’s a T for Trillion) in US economic output. 

Detailed HAI

When you take into consideration the impact that simple programs like hand hygiene can have on reducing costs of infection in hospitals and scale it into our current crisis it becomes immediately apparent that we need to begin to bring these types of programs appropriately modified for both characteristics of the current crisis and the place of delivery so that we can not only get the economy running again, but keep it running. Tailoring something like the CDC’s “Hierarchy of Influenza Controls” to be used by restaurants, gyms, churches, shopping malls and everywhere else people meet, greet and otherwise do their business is going to be critical to keeping ourselves healthy and our economy running. 


We are continuing to develop accelerators for our app to help businesses, large and small, train their staff so they are positioned to safely operate their business processes, test the staff on that knowledge and provide ready to download templates that can be used to audit those behaviors. We see a huge benefit to standing on the shoulders of the work that has already been done in the medical field to prevent infection. The blueprint is out there, we just need to modify it a bit so it’s fit for the purposes of Main Street. 

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Want a copy of our “HAI’s by the Numbers” Infographic? Click here to download it!