Certification & Training

ExAM’s Certification & Training extension package helps ExAM customers deliver successful programs by helping organizations rapidly put together certification and training programs via: 

Key Elements

  • Tracks – the unique learning journeys that help the people in your organization and its stakeholders deliver value. 
  • Paths – the smaller learning modules that are linked together in order to develop more comprehensive Tracks.
  • Badges – represent the culmination of a learning journey and a level of competency within the subject matter represented by the Paths and Tracks that learners completed on their journey.

Powerful Capabiltieis

  • Multimedia – Embed Video Training, Images/Slides, Rich Text, Drawing, Photos, and Custom Badges
  • Command Console – Leverage 30+ Questions Types, Wizard Based Training Builder, Scoring & Question Flows, Skip Logic and Field Mapping
  • Lightning Components – including the Track Tracker, Badge Tracker, Path Tracker, and Badge Leaderboards
  • Business Processes – including Certification Tracking, Badge Based Assignments ,Workflows & Approvals, and Data Analytics & Reporting


Contact Sales

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We know the problem. You need everyone to be able to use ExAM in the context of your business problem.  

  • Specific Protocols -You need training that understands your business process not just the technology.
  • Too Hard – You need something that lets you build and manage training yourself, without complex coding.
  • Too Long – You need a system that will be available in days and weeks not months and years..
  • Too Expensive – There won’t be any money left after you buy your training solution to run your program
  • Too much technology – You need a system that you put information into and get information out of not an IT system to maintain.



The solution is easy to use, easy to get live and easy to get your training into. 

  • Easy To Use – Our user experience keeps the complexity in the configuration giving your end users a clean and simple user interface.
  • Go Live Fast – Our proven cloud configuration process will have you up in running in 2-6 weeks depending on your needs for an MVP.
  • Pay For What You Use – Enjoy easy to understand pricing and licensing on a per user basis so you only pay for what you use.
  • Cloud Based, Worry Free – Powered by Salesforce so its scalable, secure and best of all you aren’t managing a bunch of servers and hardware.

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