Contact Tracing

Our work in Contact tracing builds on the lessons learned from our work in healthcare associated infections and leverages the underlying power of Salesforce’s CRM capabilities to provide a truly unique ability to manage contact tracing requirements. Our app enables you to rapidly ingest contacts in bulk over API or via other data load or develop landing pages that enable citizens to directly self-report. These contacts can then be pulled through workflows via automated notifications and additional steps including optional daily symptom reporting including temperature and other key data collection requests based on scheduling, events or ad hoc queries.


  • Data Collection – use our pre-built contact tracing templates, extend them in our ExAM Command Console and expose them in our mobile apps
  • iOS and Android Apps – go fully offline with our dedicated apps available from the App Store and Google Play
  • Event Driven Distribution – send ExAM data collections and notifications based on events or time
  • Reports & Dashboards – get real time insight into contact tracing key metrics at different levels of aggregation
  • Training & Certification – our training and certification module brings best practice to your practice and helps support SOPs
  • Scalable & Secure – powered by Salesforce and available on the AppExchange

Tracing Management

  • Reports & Dashboards – track tracing activities at the local, state and national levels can deliver situational awareness that is meaningful at each level of aggregation.
  • Contact Tracing Lifecycle – Enable teams to manage each contact tracing activity through a 21 day contact cycle from initial contact with a COVID-19 person through a 14 day quarantine period and including a seven day follow up period.
  • Intelligent Scheduling – our scheduling takes into account Tracer location, availability and certifications to support tracing assignments
  • Trend and Classify – Enable filtering and reporting based on risk profiles of contacts, locality (zip code, city, county, state, etc), date of contact, start date of monitoring, and end date of monitoring.


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Enterprise Capabilities

ExAM is truly enterprise class and some of the most powerful capabilities supporting the Contact Tracing use case are just part of the package:

  • Share Data Easily – ExAM’s Doc Designer enables the automated exchange of data to other systems
  • Open API – ExAM is a Salesforce AppExchange product and supports open APIs
  • Location Data – Use ExAM’s data collection capabilities and Salesforce Maps to visualize Contact Tracing
  • Multi Channel – support outreach and data collection across channels including email, SMS and the web
  • Security – use core Salesforce products like Shield to support compliance with privacy and security mandates
  • Extensible – the “E” in ExAM stands for Extensible and we mean it. Extend and configure our solution to meet your unique needs


Key Insights

ExAM enables key insight into factors that drive the contact tracing use case including:

  • Test status – know when a patients test results came in and enable updates by contacts or tracers
  • Last known date of contact with source case(s) – know who and when last contacts occurred. Enable contacts AND tracers to actively update known contacts
  • Date contact tracing was initiated – know when the contact tracing process was started and every milestone through the process
  • Follow ups (temperature, symptom check) – enable automates and manual follow ups with contacts to provide symptom updates
  • Symptomatic contact – enable the addition and delineation of symptomatic contact in addition to confirmed cases
  • End of contact tracing – track the end of contact tracing for individual contacts and their related node trees
  • Missed follow ups – track and automate requests for information related to missed follow ups with contacts


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