DC General Services Case Study

The Challenge

DC General Services Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Division is responsible for compliance with environmental health and safety requirements for more than 600 facilities and DC Public Schools. This includes a diverse set of activities including everything from Safety inspections to Pest Control to Snow Removal. Prior to ExAM, this information was managed in an ad hoc manner and in spreadsheets. Understanding the current state of affairs at any point in time was a challenge and reporting and analysis next to impossible.

The Solution

ExAM brought game-changing innovation to DC General Services enabling a seamless operational environment across staff, vendors, and stakeholders. From dispatch to field services ExAM enables DC to work in the field effectively and understand the real-time disposition of resources. The solution also enables this operational information to flow into and from external systems in order to manage the cost of labor and other managerial concerns to management. ExAM underpins the entire system and business process.

We Rethought Everything

From how inspections are created to assignment to reporting ExAM changes the game. We support the entire process. Secure, scalable and enterprise class. Did I mention affordable?

Number of Facilities



Amazing Result

Recipe for Success


ExAM enabled DC General Services, vendors and other stakeholders to work in the field, real-time and across devices.


ExAM makes reporting and analysis not just possible but easy. From using real-time information to support decision making to automating compliance we make it easy.


ExAM is based on the Salesforce1 platform which means open APIs and easy integration. In DC we connected ExAM to Archibus to ensure a seamless connection between work orders, job costing and field service execution.

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