Infectious Disease Control & ExAM

Programs such as Hand Hygiene (HH), Sterile Processing, Operating Room Inspections and Patient Care Area Quality Assurance Inspections are a critical part of every hospital’s front line in the fight against infection. With the rise of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), programs like these help hospitals understand and employ best practices with regard to ensuring basic patient and caregiver safety. Even before the onset of COVID-19, healthcare leadership has been pushing tirelessly for funding to support Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) programs to assure their facilities are taking the necessary steps to combat the spread of viruses and other infectious diseases.
As an example one of our customers at Martinsburg VA Medical Center estimates in an internal cost benefit analysis the implementation of ExAM4Inspections would enable them to “reallocate 536 hours of IPC time currently spent performing administrative tasks to more specialized Infection Prevention and Control duties. Although the value of IPC time can be challenging to precisely quantify, reallocation towards additional prevention, training and education is worthwhile considering a single S. aureus bloodstream infection recently cost facilities more than $100,000.” [1] This was of course written prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it hints at the scale of the cost reduction in human lives and dollars that could be achieved by leveraging the Salesforce AppExchange product ‘ExAM4Inspections’ to confirm proper standards are met, and to enable leadership to make necessary decisions and adjustments in real time.

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Why you should switch to ExAM4Inspections

The ExAM4Inspections Salesforce AppExchange app has played an integral role across several use cases for hospitals at the Department of Veterans Affairs. A few key relevant use cases include:

  • Infection Control Observations
  • Sterile Processing Inspections
  • Terminal Room Cleaning & Patient Room Inspections
  • Prevention of Ventilator-associated Event (VAE) Audits
  • Prevention of Central Line-associated Bloodstream Infection (CLABSI) Audits
  • Prevention of Catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Audits
  • Terminal Room Cleaning & Patient Discharge Inspections
  • Operating Room & Patient Care Area Inspections
  • Common Area & Restroom Inspections

Instant Results

Hospitals leverage standards, quality assurance procedures and inspection processes in order to maintain compliance with a complex array of legal requirements, policy and protocols that support patient care. The biggest driver for automating adherence to these standards with ExAM4Inspections is quite simply that it saves lives, resources and time. For a majority of processes in a hospital you can expect an inspection to certify protocol. The multitude of inspections required in order to ensure safe, effective and optimized operations of underlying processes is critical. ExAM4Inspections helps organizations dramatically reduce the time required to achieve this optimization by providing a turn key approach to inspection processes, improving data quality, automating workflows and providing out of the box templates and reports that enable both management and practitioners to improve performance and react rapidly to deficiencies.

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