Remote Video Inspections (RVI)

ExAMRV lets you perform inspections remotely and over videoconference. Connect inspectors, subject matter experts and auditors with stakeholders in remote locations to ensure quality and compliance without the need for travel or in person inspection processes. 

Get It Done With Us

Our iOS and Android ExAMRV app enables your stakeholders to easily connect to your ExAM based inspection process. Simply use our Distribution Wizard to send invites and let them click to connect and join the inspection. 

Capture Screenshots

ExAMRV lets inspectors, auditors and compliance team members to easily take screenshots of the images in the videoconference so that deficiencies are recorded and visual evidence is provided to back reports and determinations.  

Location Data

ExAMRV helps ensure the your virtual inspections are happening at the right place in the real world. ExAMRV can be configured to provide location data helped to ensure data quality and accuracy. 

Before & After

Easily send inspection notifications and reminders that help stakeholders join the virtual session and follow up with customer reports detailing inspection outcomes afterwords. ExAM is built to help support the full inspection life cycle.  

Capture Key Data

ExAMRV seemlessly interacts with ExAM to let you get the full benefit of your existing inspection protocol in a virtual environment. If you need an image to document a deficiency, simply click and snap the picture from the video. The picture can then be added diretly to your inspection record and deficiencies. 

ExAMRV helps you build fully featured inspection and compliance records that support data quality and accuracy by helping you automatically gather location information, video conference history, inspection time and other other key data elements automatically. 


Seemless Integration

Our ExAMRV connects right into your existing ExAM inspection or compliance process. Any inspection can be performed in person via our standard ExAM apps or remotely via ExAMRV.

It also fits into our big picture approach to serving the entire inspection and compliance business process. Use the ExAM Distribution Wizard to send invites to your virtual inspection, download the app, certify 


Remote Video Inspection (RVI) Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We provide all the tools to make remote video inspection services as easy as a virtual happy hour, but with all of the accuracy, quality and features you’ve come to expect from

"Remote Video opens up big opportunities for the some of our larger customers like those involved in public housing to continue to provide safe and effective inspections even when we can't personally be on site."

– Joshua Millsapps

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