ExAM & Salesforce Center of Excellence

A Salesforce Center of Excellence(CoE) denotes a Salesforce org or org(s) that is managed in accordance with Salesforce and business best practices in support of the organization’s vision and mission. A CoE supports the ongoing improvement and of the delivery of services to customers and internal stakeholders at once supporting the delivery of services while also supporting the management of the expertise and proper execution of resources on behalf of the delivery of those services. It should come as know surprise in today’s information driven business execution environment that ExAM (Extensible Assessment Manager) a premier Salesforce AppExchange product focused on data collection, data evaluation and data driven decision making would be a valuable resource in supporting the efforts of an organization’s CoE.


Licensing: Software as a Service

Models: Per User and Community

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Why ExAM?

One of the most valuable resources in a CoE is knowledge, more importantly actionable knowledge. This is where ExAM comes in to play. ExAM is a turnkey Enterprise solution that supports data collection in the context of Salesforce apps like Sales Cloud and Service Cloud as well as custom apps you have developed on the platform for example to support quality assurance, management of your organization’s project portfolio or as a quick way to deliver web accessible forms that pull data into your custom apps.

Supporting Administration of Salesforce and Users within the COE

A core mission in many COE efforts is supporting applications that run on the Salesforce platform. ExAM helps you avoid issues by supporting the development of custom training and certification programs for your apps, enables your stakeholders to tell you when there is an issue, tell you how you did in responding to their issues and collect the information you need to support ongoing business requirements. For example, you can build out a Customer Satisfaction Case Closed survey that is specific to the application/product supported or other field values against the case so that you can get truly meaningful insights from your case close survey. ExAM’s ability to collect information in the context of Salesforce objects and apps through its Access Anything™ technology allows you to collect information about your interaction with customers whenever you close a Salesforce case resolution. 

Supporting Data Collection in the Enterprise Org

Salesforce orgs that include a COE also often include custom applications. ExAM can acts as a general purpose data collection tool allowing you to standardize your approach to data collection in order to ensure that your custom apps are able to collect the right information to support business execution across multiple channels as well as in order to utilize the powerful native reporting and analytics of Salesforce. 

The more quality information you have access to the more efficiently you can accomplish the goals set out by your CoE. The only limitation of what you are capable of accomplishing with ExAM is your ability to come up with areas to implement it… but don’t worry about that we have been doing this for a while so we can help along the way!

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