Product Features

Understand more


ExAM provides real time insight and awareness. Having a problem reporting on your inspections? We make comprehensive reporting and dashboards easy. Boss wants to know how many inspections this week, month year? Who did them and more? We can help.


Meet the Assignment Manager


The Assignment Manager helps you get answers fast by helping you get tasks out to your team, organization or extended stakeholder community. Quickly, efficiently and easily.  Need to audit a certain percentage of your inspections or assessments? We have tools for that.


Work smarter, More Connected


ExAM helps you stay manage your team, your inspections and your critical workflows. Need to collaborate in the field? We can help. Need more information to solve more complex requirements. We help solve some of the most complex inspection problems in the world.


Assess Anything

Assess anything lets you use our ExAM4Inspections app to assess anything in your environment including standard and custom objects in your Salesforce org. If you have a 3rd party facility management solution or other operational system in place this means you can easily use ExAM to inspect it.

Dashboards & Reports

ExAM comes with a preconfigured series of dashboards and reports designed to make managing the inspections process easy. If you need more, Salesforce includes powerful reporting tools to support further analysis.


Built on Salesforce so you know it will be ready to work anytime and anywhere you need to be. Salesforce handles more than 2 billion transactions per day. Doing it in securely, on any device with open APIs is what Salesforce1 is all about. Thats why we built ExAM on it.

Word Cloud

Our word cloud lets you perform free text analysis across all ExAM question types (15+) including picklists and free text fields for word frequency. Includes filtering tools and the ability to drill through to individual inspections from a word in the word cloud.


Need to develop scorecards or interested in using it to help drive workflows, analysis or research? ExAM includes a flexible scoring model that can be applied to more than a dozen question types to drive a truly unique approach to scoring and organizational workflow.


Connect to your Google Maps account to use ExAM to display inspections, accounts and standard and custom objects in Salesforce on a map. Pin color mapping technology so that YOU can choose the fields YOU want to see in your mapping view and from your inspections data.

Workflow & Approvals

Drive real time reaction to information. Workflows, approvals and notification keep everyone in the loop. Inspections shouldn’t be trapped on paper, in spreadsheets or on some legacy system. They should seamlessly tie together the whole business process. ExAM does that.



Need to inspect something 15 floors underground and can’t get a signal? Have no fear. Our native mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to take your ExAM powered inspections offline.

Build Assessments (Forms, Inspections, Compliance)

ExAM makes it easy to get the information you need to do your business. From the Assessment Development Wizard that helps you quickly build simple or complex assessments to the Assignment Manager helping you manage information across the organization to automate compliance, measure performance or just get information together fast.

All The Right Things

ExAM provides an agile decision support environment built for the social enterprise. It helps handle your data calls, re-platform expensive legacy apps in the cloud, and create truly integrated decision support and performance management environments. Built on the most successful cloud platform in the world ( it is secure, scalable, and inherently mobile.

The Art of Getting from A-Z...Assignments

Our Assessment Groups and Assignment Event Manager make it easy to group people, places and things that you need to assess regularly. From inspecting buildings to giving actual examinations, ExAM supports and scales to meet your requirements. Need to provide assessments in the field? Security assessments, field inspections, fitness tests, maintenance tests and more.

ExAM Viewers

ExAM Viewers help you collect information and they can be configured and tailored in order to meet a broad set of use cases. Need to provide assessments in the field? Security assessments, field inspections, fitness tests, maintenance tests so more can be done in fewer keystrokes with ExAM. Want efficient forms that support modern workflows?

Stop worrying. Start Executing

Tell us a bit about what ExAM might be able to do for you. We will be in touch soon. Thanks!