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Every customer is unique. We try as best we can to answer most questions here on the site, but at the end of the day its just plain easier to have a conversation so we can get to know what makes you unique. 

We won’t put the high pressure sales tactics on you. We want the same thing you want…to know whether or not we can help solve your problem or accelerate your solution. 

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Can you help support my Inspections, Compliance or Audit use case?

Our ExAM4Inspections.com site has a lot of information on how our products and services can help you modernize and deliver on your program. Our team has helped teams solve complex compliance problems spanning everything from laboratory inspections, to infection prevention to public housing and facilities management. 

Combine our technology and approach to problem solving with your expertise and modernize your program today. A quick call will help us better understand your unique requirements and help us, help you get headed in the right direction. 

Can you help me with Salesforce Consulting services?

We typically don’t do straight Salesforce consulting outside of development, implementation or configuration of our product and associated capabilities. However most large Salesforce organizations are pretty heavily involved in data collection activities, so one thing we often do help organizations with is in planning for large scale implementations. 

We have worked on some of the world’s largest Salesforce orgs and that experience has helped to shape not only how we build our tools but how we think about delivering Salesforce capabilities at scale. If your downstream visions includes multiple departments, dozens of apps, and thousands or millions of users we can help you think about how to plan for that future. 

Having a standardized approach to data collection, web forms, surveys and other key sources of data can save you from a data model that starts spinning out of control and complexity that is nearly impossible to reverse engineer your way out of after the fact.  

Can you help me with Training and Certification?

One of the earliest challenges we faced when deploying our app was that we needed to train the teams who would use it to support programs in the real world. For this it isn’t good enough to have great documentation, you need a capability that trains users on how to use their implementation of ExAM and often on the broader aspects of the program being served. 

ExAM4Training is a stand along product that we built specifically to provide our clients with a lightweight training and certification solution capable of handling training across a broad spectrum of requirements. 

Training can be delivered via video (YouTube, Wistia, etc), or embedded in slides and images. Add questions to ensure the people taking the training actually understand the material and if they pass, you can provide them with a credential that verifies their knowledge as well as which can be used to support ExAM’s automated scheduling capabilties for work orders, assignments and inspections, etc.  

Can you help me with large scale or complex data collection, customer feedback or forms solutions?

Our ExAM4Enteprise.com team has helped many organizations develop a more integrated approach to data collection and decision making. From helping support portfolio management decisions, to patient feedback, too complex surveys ExAM can help you gather better data and make better decisions. 

With so many organizations turning to Salesforce as their secure platform of choice having multi channel capable data collection solutions that are pre-integrated with Salesforce has become a much bigger thing than when we pioneered the space almost ten years ago. 

ExAM is completely Salesforce native and our Assess Anything technology and Field Mapping ensures that the data you collect is in the context of your Salesforce org. 

Have a custom app that needs a robust and secure data collection capability? ExAM can easily be leveraged to extend custom apps in order to enable to provide them with advanced data collection capabiltieis via SMS, web forms, email and other distrobution channels. 

Can you help me build my Salesforce product?

We are first and foremost a product company. If you are a developer and have a great idea. We’d love to hear it and if its as great as you think we are willing to invest to make it come to life. Whether that means a direct investment in your company or through a partnership we can help you go from idea to market faster. Plus, we have the sales know how to help that great idea become a sales generator. 

At the end of the day the primary purpose of MB&A is to build great products for our customers. We do however recognize that we won’t have all the great ideas. If you have one those great ideas, we’d love to be a part of getting to market and ensuring our customers have a chance to benefit from it.  

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Can you help me with my facilities management, field services or asset management use case?

ExAM4Inspections has grown more and more robust over the years and we’ve continued to add features to make it meet the needs of our clients. 

Over the last five years that has meant major features around the management of work orders, automation and intelligent scheduling of services and an explosion of capability in our iOS and Android apps. 

It has also meant adding new products including our ExAM4Assets product that ties in asset and inventory management into the already robust capabilities we have around the provision of services in the field and work order management.