Sometimes you plan well and after rigorous market research you find a spot in the market that is absolutely perfect for your technology. Sometimes it finds you. Our intro to the hospital inspection marketplace is one of those cool opportunities that came at the intersection of hard work and good fortune.

We’ve spent years building an incredible engine for building out inspection and compliance programs that really create value for their user community. We’ve focused on how you get the information into your inspection process by delivering tools and mobile apps that hide the complexity required to truly have an understanding of your business processes and inspection process behind a user experience that makes gathering that information easy to use.

We’ve spent years building out scoring technologies and analytic capabilities that ensure the data you gather can be analyzed to drive value. Years have also gone into making the management of those activities something you can run from your mobile device because we know so many of our customers are working hard in the field and not at a desk.

So when a customer of our data collection tools in the healthcare market asked us about our inspection product we knew we had the technology base. We just weren’t sure we knew the market place well enough for it to translate. However, we try to make sure we listen to our customers. So we spent a couple of weeks working to put together a demo. Of course if you’ve been following this blog, you already know that demo translated into a successful pilot program.

Today hospitals and healthIT related customers are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our business. In fact we recently won a 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation Award at the National Press Club. We’ve also been adding on avg. about a hospital a month through word of mouth. Anytime I see this type of success without much effort I think we may have hit on something with real potential. So we took some of the experience we’ve gained in the past year and turned it into the white paper that will be coming out towards the end of next week. We’ll keep you posted here on the blog and add a link.

Now that we’ve established a market around key hospital inspection & compliance use cases like:

  • Terminal Room Cleaning Inspection
  • Environmental Management Services (EMS) Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Patient Room Discharge Inspection
  • EOC Rounds
  • Hand Hygiene & PPE Observation

You can bet we will be working to expand on these efforts and continue to innovate in the same way we’ve done in other inspection markets. At the end of the day you can count on ExAM4Inspections to always be innovating and driving the future of inspections and compliance.