The beauty of ExAM is in its flexibility and customizability for hundreds of different use cases. To help you understand how ExAM4Inspections is used by real-world organizations, we have created this helpful series that follows the implementation of ExAM at an imaginary university called Pioneer College.

Until recently, the Pioneer College Facilities Management team used several systems that didn’t “speak” to each other. This added a layer of difficulty as they performed regular self-inspections, reviewed and fulfilled work orders, and managed their inventory. The college president recently approved the implementation of ExAM for the Facilities Management department. Now, it’s up to Ashley Smith, Facilities Director, to figure out the details.

Follow along as the Pioneer College Facilities Management team digitizes their inspections process. They will gather data about campus buildings and grounds to share with decision makers. Their ultimate goal is to maintain a safe and inviting environment for students, faculty, and staff.


Who is this series for, and what will I learn?

This series is a friendly introduction for anyone who wants to learn more about how ExAM4Inspections can streamline organizational processes. We have geared this content towards the least technical user, who wants to understand the core functionalities of ExAM without needing to interpret specialized terminology and concepts.  

Follow along with the first part of Pioneer College’s implementation journey to learn:

  • How to create assessment, inspection, and survey templates
  • How to gather more specific data from your assessments by using decision trees
  • What question types are available and optimized for complex mobile assessments
  • How to use the ExAM Mobile app to gather inspection data for instant analysis


Graphic with the words "Action Item."


In each blog post, you will find Action Items. These are moments when the Pioneer College team is adding, modifying, or configuring something in ExAM. If you can, try to complete each Action Item in your own org for a hands-on learning experience.



Throughout this series, you might encounter some unfamiliar terms that are specific to ExAM. We will introduce and define new terms throughout this series, plus you can refer to our static Glossary page at any time to refresh your memory.

Please note that this series does not cover initial ExAM package installation. Please speak to your Implementation Specialist and refer to ExAM Technical Documentation for help setting up your Salesforce org and ExAM package.


About Pioneer College

Pioneer College is a fictional college located in Washington, Virginia. The college was founded in 1899 by Dr. George Walsh, a chemist. The college offers over 50 degree programs and is most famous for its organic chemistry, studio art, and nursing programs.

Pioneer students love to cheer on the Wild Horses, their beloved Division II football team. Other popular sports include volleyball, lacrosse, baseball, and Quidditch!