ExAM4Inspections is the premier inspection, assessment and compliance application on the Salesforce.com platform. Our ExAM (Extensible Assessment Manager) enables you to rapidly develop inspections, leverage our existing inspection templates, create inspection scoring and reporting roles and utilize the mobile, collaborative and workflow capabilities that have made our EXAM4Inspections.com capability the choice for complex organizations searching for a highly configurable, highly affordable, mobile inspection capability that will mesh right into their existing environment. Click here, call 703-OUTCOME or email us at info @exam4enterprise.com to schedule a demo.

This ExAM4Government.com video for the 2014 Spring Release puts the spotlight on public sector inspections.

Top 10 reasons for evaluating ExAM4Inspections.com

1. We needed an inspection application that supports our business processes not just data collection.

ExAM includes a powerful workflow and approvals engine, collaboration with internal and external resources and a powerful dispatch and inspection and compliance management system that supports management of inspections, tasks, resources and business processes.

2. Pen and paper, legacy application and spreadsheet driven inspections are slowing us down.

Do you need to go mobile today? Our app is mobile out of the box and lives in the cloud. You can securely access it from any mobile device or browser. We work wherever you work—anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

3. We needed more than just data from our inspection system—we needed analysis and information to support running a better business.

ExAM’s highly configurable reporting, dashboards and analysis tools enable organizations to develop a robust decisions support and information management solution. This is driven in part from our Assessment Management Wizard and Assessment Scoring Wizard which enable you to develop a truly world class decision support environment. We support complex scoring of individual answers, questions and sections that allow you to rapidly match your scoring environment to a changing world.

4. We needed more than just inspections—we needed a way to support our everyday compliance, investigation and incident reporting requirements as well.

Most inspection systems are so tied up in just getting the inspection done they forget why we do them. To ensure compliance, ensure operational capability and support performance standards. Many of these are also impacted by the incidents and actions that happen everyday but aren’t directly related to a specific inspection. Are slip and falls in a facility related to low scores for housekeeping during inspections? Are high theft rates in the parking lot related to a lack of lights? You will only know if you connect your inspections to your incidents.

5. We have places all over the place and we needed to know what that meant for our inspections, compliance and incidents.

ExAM understands that locations are critical. Our Map Builder Wizard allows you to get up to the minute reporting on your sites by assessment (inspection) completion, priority, and status. Want to know where your resources (people/users) are in relation to those assets? We can drop them on the map to so you can dispatch the right person, to the right place, at the right time.

6. Our existing inspection system isn’t delivering and getting (or building) a new one is even more expensive.

ExAM is a Salesforce app which means it is highly secure, highly scalable and highly affordable. It is also software as a service, which means you only pay for the people who are users of the system. This may be 5 people or 5,000 people—and whichever it is you still pay a low monthly rate per user, per month for our service. If you don’t like it you, simply don’t renew. Most people do like this approach as evidenced by Salesforce’s more than 95% renewal rate. Starting at $65/per user with volume based discounting available you simply cannot get this level of enterprise capability this cheap any other way.

7. I’m not sure what you do will work for me. I have a lot of forms I need transferred.

Most of our customers start small—with a pilot program. During a pilot we help you get enough of your forms, workflows and reports built so that scaling up means simply adding users. We don’t ask you to trust us, we ask you to trust the results we deliver during your pilot.

8. I have hundreds (or thousands, or tens of thousands) of facilities, sites, resources or organizations that we are responsible for…can you scale, are you secure, are you cost effective?

ExAM is built on the Salesforce platform which routinely processes more than 1.5 billion transactions per day from 120,000+ enterprise class customer’s including every cabinet level agency, every state and almost every Fortune 500 hundred company. All of this happens in some of the world’s most secure data centers. As the world’s most successful cloud service provider Salesforce brings an economy of scale, security and capability that is simply unmatched by any other organization in the world.

9. We are thinking about using Salesforce for more than just inspections. Does ExAM work with other Salesforce applications?

ExAM can be used with all of your favorite salesforce applications including Platform, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. In fact we can help you implement a solution that maximizes the value of your existing or planned Salesforce infrastructure. ExAM can become even more powerful in an enterprise Salesforce environment enabling you to use ExAM as a mechanism for rapidly gathering information and placing it under management inside Sales or Service Cloud.

10. I’m not sure about anything you said above, but I know what a great inspection & compliance system for my organization. How can I tell if your application does what I need?

Schedule a demo today! Our app is better understood via a demo. We have lots of video resources, print documents and help, but seeing is believing. Our quick demo and Q&A session will enable you to know immediately if what we do is applicable to your organization. Demos can be done virtually for up to 100 people within your organization.

Top 5 Concerns

1. Is it safe?

Salesforce houses data for every cabinet level agency, every state, and almost every Fortune 500 company. This includes medical data, student data and other sensitive information. Our reputation depends on securely handling this information. Salesforce believes in complete transparency regarding security and stability and extensive information is available at trust.salesforce.com on the status of Salesforce datacenters and pods in real time.

2. Whose data is it?

Your data is your data. You can export it at any time, schedule backups otherwise take action to ensure that you are able to access and otherwise interact with your data at all times.

3. I understand how much I pay for users, but what other charges are their? What type of servers do I need?

There are no other charges. There are no hidden charges. There are no servers. You don’t get charged for maintenance and you still get at least four free upgrades every year. Your users charges are your total charges. That’s it forever.

4. Will I lose 10 years of inspection data?

The Data Management Wizard, Data Loader application and robust APIs ensure that changing your application doesn’t mean losing your historical data.

5. Will my users be able to use it?

ExAM is built on the Salesforce platform—the most widely used app platform in the world. With more than 120,000 enterprise class customers including some of the world’s largest organizations. Our user interface is one of the easiest and most tested in the world. We know that simple means usable and we don’t expect our users to be technology experts. Our app is focused on making your job easier and it starts with a simple and straightforward user interface that is focused on just one thing—getting the job done.