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Ask better questions. Get better answers. Then ask them anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Secure, scalable…in the cloud. Powered by Salesforce. There is no more comprehensive or configurable inspection solution available in the enterprise inspection management solution marketplace.

Licensing Model

ExAM has a flexible licensing model enabling customers to match the right people to the right licensing so that you can get the right price. We even support login vs. user licensing within our communities.

Case Study: Loudoun County Public Schools

At Loudoun County Public Schools, ExAM helps the Office of Safety and Security manage state mandated security assessments and inspections for more than 80 schools. Read the Loudoun County Public Schools Case Study.

Case Study: HUD Inspections

HUD needed an enterprise class inspection system that could handle more than 20,000 inspections and meet their entire requirement set in six weeks. Read how we did it in the Case Study: Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Case Study: DC General Services

DC General Services needed to automate their compliance with safety and health requirements and enable field services like pest control and maintenance. ExAM made it possible, read the Case Study: DC General Services here.

Public Housing

Do you do HQS or UPCS-V inspections? Checklist inspections? Check out the latest version of ExAM still the best enterprise class inspection management solution…now with native Android and iOS applications that make managing your inspection program…easy.

Webinars & Training

If you want to learn more about the ExAM app sign up for one of our webinars. We regularly cover topics about the app itself as well as timely topics in inspections like HUD’s new UPCS-V inspection protocol. Come and learn with us.

UPCS-V and ExAM Breakdown

Need to better understand the goals and requirements of the new UPCS-V standard being adopted by HUD. You’ve come to the right place. If you haven’t attended one of our webinars this is a good place to start learning more about the new standard.

Licensing Model

ExAM is enterprise class but because its software as a service and built on top of Salesforce we can give you user-based pricing that makes sense for organizations large and small. While we are known for some of our big clients we serve plenty of smaller organizations too.


“Their innovative ideas and impeccable customer service have helped enable ATK to perform at a very high level.  They have been a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend them to others.”

Guy Bourn

MG(R) , VP Defense Systems, ATK

“Its about getting to value. ExAM helps you get down to the business of getting business value faster than anything I’ve seen in a long time.”

Rick Smith

Senior Enterprise Architect, MB&A

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