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Housing Quality Standards inspections are vital in the assessment of a residency in order to properly identify and record actionable information so that proper recourse can be taken. The HQS inspection is lengthy and cumbersome and relies heavily on the experience of inspectors to make the right assessment when given a multitude of variables. That is why ExAM4Inspections has leveraged our inspection app to support the HQS inspection use case.

HQS Template – ExAM4Inspections has taken the cumbersome HQS inspection sheet, that we are sure you all know and love, and turned it into a streamlined electronic inspection.

HQS Inspection – Our electronic inspection has allowed us to provide your inspectors with an intuitive inspection that can be taken from a phone or tablet and has proven itself to mitigate some of the grey space that is inevitable when filling out an inspection the old fashion way of pen and paper. No more carrying around a clipboard and pen accompanied by a stack of inspection sheets, it can all be accessed from a mobile device.

HQS Reporting and Analytics – ExAM4Inspections has built in analytics and reporting so you are able to see inspection results real time upon submissions. Upon submission of an inspections you are easily able to generate an inspection report displaying all the data that was collected. It is also pulling all your inspection data directly into your Salesforce Org so you are also granted all the reporting and analytics capabilities that are available within Salesforce.


Licensing: Software as a Service
Models: Per User and Community
Learn More: www.exam4inspections.com/licensing

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Why you should switch to ExAM4Inspections

ExAM4Inspections has a proven track record in the inspection space having already supported of thousand of HQS inspections accompanied by awesome customer service. The ExAM team will not only work for you, but will work with you to ensure that all your needs are met. You will not only be gaining access to a turnkey product, you will be gaining our team’s experience, which we hope to use to better your inspection process and ultimately make your life easier!

Instant Results

The ExAM team works fast! Depending on your interest and ability to navigate to our product we will have you set up and ready to go within weeks. As soon as you are set up with ExAM4Inspections you will notice the difference it makes to have a reliable product backing your inspections needs. Inspections will occur in a more efficient manner allowing your inspectors to spend less time on site while maintaining data quality, which means you are able to complete more inspections in less time!

“We have worked with several software developers, and hands-down Exam4Inspections has been the most attentive and detailed focused group we have had the pleasure of partnering with. Their commitment to our successful knew no office hours. They responded, not in day or hours, but in minutes to every question or request regardless of time of day or weekend. They went beyond just answering questions and would provide screenshares to show me more detail and allow me to have direct input in the software’s development at each step of the process. Their service didn’t end at software completion but were always available (even on New Year’s day) for questions and future updates to the software. I could not recommend these folks high enough. As I mentioned, we have worked with several developers, but no more – Exam4Inspection will be OUR guys from now on!”
John Emery

UPCS Trainer, U.S. Inspection Group, Inc

Analyzing the Problem

Traditionally an HQS inspection is completed via an inspector visiting a housing location and executing a tedious inspection sheet equipped with nothing but a pen, paper and their previous experiences. Once the inspector is on site they must navigate a lengthy and arguably vague sheet in the hopes that their knowledge of the inspection will guide them through the execution in a clear enough fashion that they accurately gather the appropriate data. This leads to the inspector spending excess time on site. Then upon completion of the inspection you are presented with another problem of processing and interpreting the information that was jotted down by the inspector, adding even more time to the inspection cycle. While this process has been in place for some time it is easy to see that there are numerous friction points along the way. In order for this process to go smoothly you are required to have highly trained inspectors who are able to gather the appropriate and actionable data when faced with a multitude of variables. In a world where you manage to gather all the appropriate data you are then tasked with internalizing and interpreting this data so that you are able to document and drive the actions that must be taken in result of the inspection. When you think about this process it can easily become clear that there has to be a better way to accomplish these inspections. That is where ExAM4Inspections comes into play!

Creating A Enterprise Solution

ExAM4Inspections has taken the task of improving upon the archaic process that has reigned the standard. By migrating the HQS inspection sheet to an electronic platform the ExAM team is able to create a better environment for the inspections to take place. You will be able to assign and dispatch inspectors through our app smoothing out the logistics. Your inspectors will no longer need to deal with multiple pages of inspections that limit the space they have to record data since the entire inspection will be available to them via a mobile device. Alternatively your inspectors will be greeted with the ability to record more information they ever have before, they will be able to quickly navigate the inspection and record deficiencies augmenting these descriptions by capturing photos, allowing a higher quality of data at an expedited rate. Additionally you will no longer have to worry about the tedious process of internalizing data post inspection since all the information that is gathered will migrated to your Salesforce environment upon completion of an inspection, where you will be greeted with more analytic power than you know what to do with, as well as the ability to automate workflows to continue to smooth out the process.

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