UPCS-V Inspections

The Uniform Physical Condition Standards for Voucher(UPCS-V) is a program designed and aimed at improving upon the antiquated housing inspection process that has been the standard for an extended period of time. UPCS-V is geared towards enhancing accuracy, consistency, and objectively in the inspection process and in turn ultimately improving efficiency. UPCS-V is able to accomplish these goals through changes such as electronic inspection executed on the standard of deficiency driven protocol. ExAM is uniquely capable of handing UPCS-V inspection due to its long standing relationship with HUD which included the customization of our application to specifically handle the UPCS-V use case.


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Why you should switch to ExAM4Inspections

ExAM4Inspections has extensive experience in creating robust data capture and analysis tool that are backed on the Salesforce platform. ExAM was contracted by HUD to customize our application to implement decision tree driven inspections to drive deficiency based inspections and capture better data in a more efficient manner. ExAM is not only able to support the execution of inspections but is well versed in the analysis of this data after the inspections are completed. All data is seamlessly imported into your Salesforce org, saving time eliminating the processing of data post inspection. ExAM has actively support tens of thousands of inspections based on UPCS-V.

Instant Results

ExAM has already executed all the development and refinement regarding UPCS-V inspections. This means that the app is as turnkey as it gets! ExAM will make electronic templates available to you immediately allowing you to focus on getting you inspectors out there and executing inspections. Our product has the scalability to support any level of execution and provide you with better data to drive better business.

Analyzing the Problem

UPCS-V makes strong efforts to tackle many of the problems that exist in the housing inspection space. So fortunately the idea of electronic inspections and deficiency driven protocols mitigates a decent amount of the issues that are typically at hand. Unfortunately new issues arise when the process is altered to such a large extent. With the shift to UPCS-V you have to deal with migrating your inspectors over to mobile device and deal with the initial lift of training inspectors to be comfortable on the new platform and with the new protocol. There are also additional concerns of initially increased inspection times while inspectors acclimate to the new protocol and platform or inspectors hesitation to adapt when technology is introduced. And finally you are also presented with a double edged sword of having better data which means you must also have better means of interpreting the data collected.

Creating A Enterprise Solution

ExAM’s experience as well as continued support of UPCS-V inspections allows us to have many of the solutions to the common concerns. Migrating your inspectors to an electronic platform seems to be a daunting task but ExAM’s intuitive inspection interface allows people to familiarize themselves quickly and improves overall efficiency. This efficiency can be seen through multiple steps of the inspection process. Once inspector are familiarized with the protocol and the product inspections will happen at a more efficient rate while also providing you with better data. With this increase in higher quality data you are supported through Salesforce. Fear not because ExAM was built with scalability and analytic capabilities in mind. You will not have to worry about the mundane task of processing your inspection data manually, as it is all imported into your Salesforce org upon inspections submission. You are then provided with the canned analytic power of ExAM coupled with the robust analytics of Salesforce allowing you to not only gather better data but drive better workflows.

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